Well… I finally posted on my blog… after months passed since I created this blog… I actually got round to post on my blog. lol.

So what is this blog and how it’s going to look like??

It’s just another blog being created among zillion of other blogs that existed out there, an unremarkable blog, that hopefully by time, will become somewhat remarkable.

In this blog, I will post mainly about my passion , which at the moment will be about real football (or soccer, as some people preferred to call it), and otaku sub-culture. The two things that have been my passion since few years now. Added with some random ranting occasionally, the perfect blog thus created…

Who Am I ??

Baby I’m Spiderman… not. ok, i know it’s lame… you all can stop cringing now…

I am famously (?) known in the World Wide Web as lolipedofin, as for what the name implies, I leave that up to you to decide. I am an Indonesian that somehow stranded on the tiny beautiful island called Singapore in order to pursue higher education and hopefully in the end, contribute something to the world rather than just leeching off it…

I’m passionate, mind you I’m insane when it comes to football, the team I support is the one and only Manchester United, and yeah, i can hear you sighing, “Ah.. ok, another manchester glory hunter” , just be informed though I’ve been supporting them for quite some time, through ups and downs, through raging storm and furious thunders, through… well, you got the point… And like they said back at home, “If you’re not a manc, then you’re a wank”. So all you wankers would probably not gonna like the stuffs I’m gonna post here…. lol.

Another thing I’m pleading my life into is Japan… otaku sub-culture to be more precise…. Yup! I’m proud to be living my life as an otaku… I read manga, watch anime, play visual novel (among other games I played), etc.  It’s something that started from Doraemon and Dragon Ball , then expand to various other manga,  start to watch various anime, and when i hit high school, by virtue of fansubbing, I found myself well inside otakusphere and can’t find  my way out of it… Nippon Banzai!

Well, i guess it’s enough introduction, If you actually read it all the way to down here, then congratulations… You’re most definitely up there or thereabout in either the list of most patient people in the world or the list of people with nothing better to do…

Enough ranting for one day.. Will try to post here at least once a week… and hopefully through here, I can meet people that share the same passion with me…

With this I proclaim, the grand opening… the launch of….. “lolipedofin.wordpress.com” !!!!


5 responses to “Hatsu-posuto!!

  1. Well, welcome to the blogging world. Another Indo in SG I see, got a few of those around, and I am not one, native SG blogger.

    Not interested in football, but might check for otaku sub-culture stuff from time to time. Cheers.

  2. Aaaaw, Misao chan.

  3. Wow, a ManU fan, greetings fellow. Thanks for visiting my room. Looks like you are from Singapore, I have a few Singapore friend haha, I went and visit them a few years ago. Let’s both work hard on our new blog site!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. So whose room is this? My room is full of plush toys.. hee.. My favorite is my Rukawa Kaede plush. ^-^

    Anyway, I’m not exactly into KyoAni shows that’s why I decide not to watch K-ON. My favorite anime this season are FMA, Cross Game, Eden of the East and 07-Ghost. I’ve been watching Chi too.. Chi is really cute!!
    I don’t think Rainbow is showing yet. I haven’t heard anything about it. I roughly know the study even though I haven’t read the manga. I may start reading soon… ^.-


  5. wher did you got those posters???

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