I’ll post ‘tomorrow’…..


Alright… it’ s kinda ironic that my first post, apart from the introductory post, is actually about how lazy i am to post… It was half a year before i finally edit the default first post by wordpress into my introductory post, and it was about a month after that post, before i finally post again….

Procrastination is a scary thing…. O.o

I guess that’s how I’ve been since ages ago… and every time i kept telling myself, I got to change… ‘tomorrow’ XD

Anyone got the same symptoms??

I don’t think such habit is good for someone to be regular… or well, to be fair, procrastination is not really a good habit whatever you are or you’re doing… So hopefully i can change my habit sooner rather than later, and start to fill this blog… I was actually targeting for at least twice a week… but for now, let’s keep it at once a week…



4 responses to “I’ll post ‘tomorrow’…..

  1. anyone got the same symptoms?

    as a matter of fact. it’s a really common symptoms. probably only next to flu. :))

    anywaaaay. wanna know how to beat that?
    just keep writing. post today. no excuse.
    and after a while, you’ll find it’s kinda difficult to stop that. 😀

  2. yeah, i have the same symptoms…

    will try to do as ydoea suggests, but the thing is, i dont even know what to write D:

  3. The fact that you posted this and bothered to find appropriate pictures of it shows how much you fail at laziness. That’s too much effort! Not lazy enough!

  4. 🙂 this is similar to my symptoms too..

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