From Blog to Movie! “Malegoat ~a daily note of an idiot student~”

There's something wrong, This is not a movie about cattle...

There's something wrong, This is not a movie about cattle...

Blog –>  Commercially published book –> Graphic Novel (Comic) adaptation –> Theatrical Release Movie!!

For the first time in the world! A blog is transformed into a movie!! Well i don’t really know… Maybe this is not a first time, but as far as i know, no blog has ever transformed into a movie before…

I guess this is quite a landmark… to know that somewhere in the world, a blogger managed to get a recognition he deserved,  to then have his blog published as a book, adapted into a comic, and now into a screenplay, due to be released nationwide at Indonesia….

He will star his own role for his movie, not that surprising since his face is already well-known and has become somewhat a celebrity in his own movie, a bit surprising, because this will be his debut acting… Will he change direction to showbiz instead?? ^^;

I’m as a fan of his work, will definitely watch this, though i don’t know how as i assume this movie will not be released at Singapore…

A bit of an irony though, it all started as a blog, but ever since the release of his first book, his blog has been taken down, and he no longer blog… -_-

The trailer of the movie:


Here’s a quick rundown for those who don’t know who Raditya Dika is…

Raditya Dika is an Indonesian. After he  graduated from SMA 70* and went to Adelaide, Australia to continue his education, he also start writing a blog titled Kambingjantan, a funny narrative blog from his point of view, portraying his daily life, mostly took place at Adelaide.

The blog was written in Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) and over time, more and more readers flock to his blog to have some laugh until one day, his friend suggest him to try publish his blog as a book. Unsure and doubtful, he follow his friend suggestion, and brought his book to a Gagas Media publication editor. To his surpris, the editor likes his writing and the idea of publishing a blog as a book. Contract was made,  the blog is immediately taken down, and the book is published.

The first book, KambingJantan

The first book, KambingJantan

Most of the content of the book are taken straight from the blog, and each chapter is basically a post in the blog.

The book became instant hit, especially among teenagers and people on their 20’s…  people love the writing style and how all the jokes and normal daily life is presented funnily in this book.

Riding on the success of the first book,  Dika continue to write for his 2nd book

the 2nd book, Cinta Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus Love)

the 2nd book, Cinta Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus Love)

Unlike the first book, it’s not taken from his blog (as it’s already been taken down). The book is still based on his own life, albeit exaggerated… It is still written with the same style as his first book, or in another word his blog. But in this book, he tells more about his take on love, from his funny experience while still at elementary school, his cat and another cat, until his latest love story which he explores more dramatically.

Then came the third book,

The third book, Babi Ngesot

The third book, Babi Ngesot

Like the second book, he wrote this book exclusively and not published in a blog beforehand. Still written in the same style, this book focuses more on his high school life, his friends, and life back at Indonesia after he return home from Adelaide.

There’s another book related to him,  a comic adaptation from his first book, KambingJantan illustrated by Dio Rudiman, a young illustrator.

KambingJantan, the graphic novel version

KambingJantan, the graphic novel version

Raditya Dika now works as writer for a magazine in Indonesia, while still continue to write for his own book.

*SMA means high school, while 70 is the number designated to the particular high school, public or government funded school at Indonesia, is given a designation number rather than name… btw, even though it’s supposed to be funded by government, it isn’t free.. weird huh?


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  2. Dude! I wish this was in English, so I could watch it, it looks so cool!

    I only speak English unfortunately.

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