Pseudo Zettai Ryouiki Grade A !!

Pseudo Zettai Ryouiki Grade A !!

This is a picture drawn by my friend…. We were just hanging out at my place and I showed him my new facebook account (specialized for my internet identity ^^, which btw, you can add me there, just search “lolipedofin”) that still have no profile pict… He suddenly suggest, want me to make you one???

aannnd… voila! Seika-chan is born! Made partially to my request…. it’s a somewhat rough sketch made in 30-40 minutes, But I totally love it…. And btw, my friend claimed to “not liking” anime drawing style, He’s a guy who lose interest when I showed him ef, the moment he saw Naru Nanao artstyle…. lol. So yeah, it’s surprising for me to see him coming up with this drawing, although it’s not exactly anime drawing style, but it still differs greatly from his usual style…

I’m still far far away from actually needing an original mascot character, but yea, I was lucky to have a friend who is good at drawing…. He even said something about making me another drawing, but a proper one, not rough sketch….. waku-waku desu…. ^^

I came up with the name after watching her for half a minute, the name just popped up, and I don’t even know what it actually means… until I google it, and found that one of it’s meaning is “Pure Summer”, which I think fit her nicely… The name is still temporary, and I haven’t give her any family name yet… do you like the name??

You can see some more of my friend’s work on his deviant art account and his blog.

Below is the pict for those who prefer bare legs over the pseudo-Zettai Ryouki.



2 responses to “Seika-chan

  1. finally! you updated ur blog! XD

  2. Many of folks blog about this subject but you said really true words.

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